About Us

The Vail Innovation Center is the proud home of our online programs in Vail. Under the leadership of the top school district in Arizona, our programs provide educational rigor along with a strong sense of community. We have been providing online learning opportunities for students for over 15 years. For the 21/22 school year, we will offer four unique programs for online instruction. 

Vail Microschool- This program has been created to support our community and families that are in a homeschool environment. This is at no cost to you should you enroll for support. For more information contact Rachel Tankersley

Vail Virtual Live!- This program has been created to support our community and families that are wanting to remain remote for the 21/22 school year. This will be a continuation of the Vail School District’s Brick to Click option from this past school year. Students enrolled in Vail Virtual Live! will stay enrolled at their Vail School District Site but will be learning remotely. We are currently accepting open enrollment for out-of-district students. For more information contact Rachel Tankersley

Vail Virtual Self-Paced- This program has been in place for over 15 years. This K-12th grade program utilizes Edmentum Courseware to provide the full curriculum as well as enrichment opportunities for our students. For our K-5 students, we have Schoology that allows for students to have a certified Vail teacher leading the class through direct instruction and self-paced work at times that fit their family’s needs. This provides a “face to face” teaching opportunity and allows for the teacher to monitor student learning. Students in the program can work at their own pace, which might also include getting ahead in classes/credits. The ability to customize a student’s schedule is one reason that families enjoy this program. For more information contact Kristin Murray. 

Vail Blended Learning- Blended learning is a model of learning and teaching that uses the best aspects of computer-based learning and the power of face-to-face and small group instruction to provide students with a challenging and individualized education. The goal of blended learning is to use the best elements of regular school (social interactions, active mentorship by a teacher, field trips, etc…) and the best elements of online learning (personalized learning, ongoing integrated assessment, anytime and anywhere access, etc…) to create a flexible and highly rigorous learning environment that allows students to spend more time on engaging, higher-order thinking activities. For more information contact Kristin Murray.