About Us

The Vail Innovation Center is the proud home of our digital school in Vail. Under the leadership of the top school district in Arizona, our programs provide educational rigor along with a strong sense of community. We have been providing online learning opportunities for students for over 15 years. We offer two programs for online instruction. We have a 6th-12th grade program that utilizes Edmentum Courseware to provide the full curriculum as well as enrichment opportunities for our students. For our K-5 students we have Calvert through Edmentum that allows for students to have a certified Vail teacher leading the class through direct instruction once each day. This provides a “face to face” teaching opportunity and allows for the teacher to monitor student learning. All K-5 students will work through the program and develop critical thinking skills while delving into their learning with a problem based approach.

Students in the program can work at their own pace, which might also include getting ahead in classes/credits. The ability to customize a student’s schedule is one reason that families enjoy our program.

We will also work within the state/county guidelines to have options for field trips or socialization, depending on the wants and needs of our families who enroll. It all depends on what this group wants in terms of getting together.

Grades K-5
The platform for K-5 that we are using is called Calvert. This platform utilizes a project based learning approach. Here is a link for that program: http://calvertlearning.com/

Grades 6-12
Edmentum Courseware is the platform that we use for the online learning environment. All classes are online with the support of a certified Vail teacher. Students will follow the same curriculum plan as their peers at the brick and mortar sites. Here is a link for that program: https://www.edmentum.com/

Here are some great resources we have found about Edmentum Courseware:
Edmentum Courseware Overview:

Courseware Testimonial: Edna Karr High School, New Orleans, LA  https://youtu.be/qWTQ7difIOQ